The Solstice….

The Solstice....

“Gratitude is the counter to greed. If we neglect to say thanks for what we have, we feel eternally dissatisfied, and need more and more. When we are thankful for all we have been given, then we need very little in order to feel surrounded by abundance” (Starhawk)

As we move closer to the Winter Solstice, I am reminded of the magic and power of this time of year. This is the time of year to slow down, reflect, take stock, be easy and rest. We get to think about the actions, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us that we want to give up to the longest night of the year. This is also the time of year to plant our seeds hope for the world, our communities and families deep in the cold earth to be reborn in the spring. Today is the official day on the calendar marked to acknowledge the Solstice—that day when the earth tilts on its axis furthest from the sun. It will get dark earlier and stay dark longer. On Sunday morning and every day after that until the Spring Equinox, we will be gifted a little more light each day.

This year was a rough as hell—no other nice “social justice speak” way to say it. We all felt the anger, the disbelief, the fear, the fatigue and the bruises of the regressionist policies rolling over our state like a herd of buffalo. In the midst of all of this and all the work that lays ahead of us in 2014, I am grateful. I am grateful to work with an amazing team of folks who are not only great at what they do, they are the salt of the earth. Each one of them—

Adam, Allison, Anthony, Becky, Bob, Gabe, Isela, Jake, Jenn,Leigh, Linda, Nancy, Robert and Ron

bring light, passion, precision, expertise, tenacity, laughter, intellect and faith to the work we do. I am honored to call each of them my colleagues and with them, I know we can push forward together to the victory.

Winter Solstice Prayer
by Mary Saracino

Deep night, Dark night
Night of the longest sigh
Soulful night, Sacred night
Night of the longest dreams
Cold night, Holy night
Night of unfurling desires
Womb of the world, Birther of hope
Bringer of peace and good will
Pray, pray for all good things
That suffering for all will end
That life will thrive and generosity reign
In the hearts of all humankind
That joy will rise and children will fly
On wings of prosperity
Oh hear our plea, this silent night
When the moon is round in the sky
When hopes are high and eyes are wide
with delight and audacity
May Love prevail tonight, and always
Leading us back to our Source
May we dance with the dark, without hesitation or fear
And savor her promise of plenty
Deep night
Dark night
Night of the longest sigh
May our weary hearts stay vigilant and receptive
To all that is loving and dear


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