Call Me….

I love Durham. I love my community of bad ass artist/organizers/radicals/poets/magician/soothsayers. I am fascinated by  social media most of the time and not always in a good ways (too many times, what goes “viral” is, just, well, wrong).  Today was one of those days where who I love and what I am fascinated and often perplexed by rocked my world sweetly–powerfully. As I worked from home today with a semi-sick snaggle-toothed 5-year-old, I stumbled across a status that turned into the most powerful list poem. My little old-spirited sister Mya posed a quandary… “So after the Grammys people seem to be sipping the kool-aid, please don’t forget that this is theater and everything in theater is staged… If I see one more post about false unity and coming together I might gag!! Blah!!!” What happened next, was sheer beauty.  A poem emerged from the thread. For the purposes of this recreation of what was created this afternoon, I will call the poem “Call Me….”

Call me when there’s universal health care and a Latina woman as president…!

Call me when we fill all the empty houses with people who don’t have a warm place to sleep at night.Call me when our black and brown brothers are not funneled into the prison pipeline like meat to produce food that feed and nourish the prison industrial complex. Call me when we reclaim our communities from the Gentrified Bermuda Triangle and have eradicated Social Justice Narcolepsy! Oppression Kills… Call me when no one is any longer living in a cage. Call me when everyone’s bellies are full we have all come to the realization that there is more than enough for all of us. Call me when our sons can walk down the street without fear of arrest. Call me when our daughters can walk down the street without fear of abduction.

call me when none of us are being hunted anymore…

Call me when people are not crossing the street when we walk by. Call me when police are finally getting charged for killing our people. Call me when I can stop being afraid every time my phone rings. Call me when I am allowed to wear a got DAMNED hoodie in Northgate Mall smdh. Call me when walking out the door in the morning no longer means steeling myself against the world’s assaults on my female-bodied self, my black self, or my gender non conforming self. Call me when me and my people (of which there are many) no longer have to justify our right to exist in this country, and on this planet. Call me when our women take back their thrones respectfullycall me when I’m not in fear of our men being led to slaughter because of the complexion of their skin –call me when our voices actually have soundcall me when hope is restored to the masses… shall it be Ase.

call me when our voices actually have sound

call me when our voices actually have sound

call me when our voices actually HAVE SOUND!

Call me when social justice (hell the “revolution”) equates itself to more than a march, rally, or protest. Call me when Black Love is more powerful than hate and when all the superpowers we have been gifted with by the Divine and our ancestors align to heal our communities into a liberated world without end….Ase

Lovingly, Deeply, Meaning Every Word Of IT!

Mya, Nia, Tia, Dolores, Heather, Lakita, Rachael and Omi—Word.