Now Ain’t That Lovin You….

Now Ain't That Lovin You....

For the person who I first met at a wedding on a farm in Chapel Hill 20 years ago, who continued to allow this Tarheel to “flow” with the Aggie/History Club fam anointing me with official “crew” status long after my initial Passport expired. For the person who encouraged me to be patient with my first set of locs over 15 years ago reminding me that all that is in me will and should manifest on my head–wild, free, untamed and beautiful. For the person who drew on a circle on my living room floor and taught me how to pray with my ancestors. For the person who laughs with me, fights for the liberation of our people with me, has rescued me, holds me accountable and loves me in spite me believing I was not lovable. For the person who presented me with the oracle–Irete Oturopon, Epa Odu! For the person who took my hand, led me across the water to the land of our ancestors to meet my ancestors in Oyo and sat me at my Ye Ye’s feet in Osogbo so she could crown my head Ore Ye Ye O! For my Babalwo the Oloye Ifalola Ogunrinde Akinwale Agbo…my dear brother from another mother. We see you…we know you are doing all you must do to take care of your family in this difficult time and I want you to know you are being held in this time of loss for you and those closest to you. You are being held by your family–blood and chosen, your friends, your community and most importantly by the Most High, the Irunmole and your highly evolved ancestors. They will take it from here and we got you—the same way you have always had us…fully…completely and with love. Ase, Ase, Ase-O

Love you~

Omisade aka Wilhelmina aka Willy Bill aka Billy-Jo-Jim-Bob aka Omi aka Iyawo Osun (Word)


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