To all you Spiritual, NAMSATE, ACHE #%^&(())*….

A awesomely poignant reminder from my awesome fierce Dominican Sistar! Peace, Love, and alldat! Word!!

In BOLD Rebirth Consulting

You know sometimes I just feel like ranting and raving about spirit and spirituality and healing and God and the universe , the goddess mother earth and all the ways I get triggered when i get that email from a long lost friend or an ex or whomever that wants to complete or make amends but really just need to be heard and seen and take of up yet some more space in the name of being enlightened or on a healing spiritual journey that this time we should all trust and take their word that they are changing.  You know that letter that ends with i’m sending you peace, love and light when its really 3 pages of the same shit your heard before, i blame you, i blame you and I blame you but I am affirming I will never be the person you can do that to…

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