An Ode to Osun….

An Ode to Osun....

It has been almost a year since I traveled across the ocean to the birth place of our collective ancestors to meet my Egungun face to face and to bathe in Osun’s River in Osogbo.  This has been a year of numerous transformative moments that have rocked my world, allowed me to shape shift into a new avatar and provided me with the grounding to step into the fold with permission to learn. I want to write more fully about this journey and my relationship with the Orisa I have been initiated to, Osun, Ore YeYe O, but for now, I want to share a post that sat on my heart yesterday. What follows is my post from the Facebook sandbox.

This one of the best description of the planet Venus and all her Osun energy I have read in some time. This is about Venus moving out of retrograde. The words quoted below are not mine, but they resonated so powerfully with me this evening as I poured chilled champagne, cut up juicy oranges and drizzled them with honey and cinnamon, arranged flowers in a pretty glass vase and lit honey/rose incense for Ye Ye mi Osun. Friday is her day, her Isese—a day to remember to love, to be gracious, to be happy, to be joyous, to be grounded in culture, to be strategic and strong, to claim abundance, to be generous, to be wise and to show compassion. Osun represents the forces in our natural world that manifest all these things, the strength and fertile nature of the river, the understated power of the new moon, the grace and elegance of the peacock, the thoroughness and fierceness of the vulture. She reminds us that sexuality and sensuality is a sacred luscious gift from the divine not to be mistaken for what is crass or profane. Hope you made it an Osun Honeyfied day.

I added my 2 cents to a snippet of the author’s description of Venus…

“She has a way with me. Venus (Osun) rules my life, and I find her majestic brilliance in the sky to be completely mesmerizing. She has been retracing some steps this month, only to find her way into forward motion again in a few days.

Thank goodness. Balancing what she wants and needs with what I want and need is a bit overwhelming.

She wants me to revisit some past mistakes. She begs me to redo almost everything that was already seemingly done (Osun Weda). She shines brightest in the sky, sits close to the moon on occasion and chats and pulls and pushes until she gets her message across.

I think we (I) have heard her this time around.

She is the first light to illuminate the sky at night, as she waits for the others to catch up to speed. Venus refuses to allow love to wander and trip upon itself. She is the primary force in all relationships, money and tactile senses (culture and divination).

She doesn’t want to make waves. She would rather glide along in the heavens and impart her knowledge of experience and wisdom on all who look up and take notice and appreciate her beauty.

She is a bit of a gypsy (and a Queen).

She comes and goes and travels until her message has become gospel. We adore her. We name kittens and children after her, place altar offerings in her honor and open our chests wide enough to allow her love and exhilaration rest inside of us (our Ori).

Venus is the second planet from the sun. Her maximum brightness is shortly before sunrise and on the heels of the sunset. She is considered Earth’s sister planet because of their similar bulk, size and body composition.

But, she is unique (like a Peacock).

She is the hottest planet in the solar system, so she can’t be touched or traveled to at all. She adventures through the morning and night sky. Venus is the only planet named after a female. As a Roman (IFA/YORUBA) goddess orb, she was named for the most beautiful deity of her pantheon. Ancient astronomers revel in her light and power. “(Ore Ye Ye O!)

Adapted from Gerry Ellen Avery, Elephant Journal


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