Several Orisas tried to draw him out of the forest but failed. Finally Osun went into the woods with her five scarves and her gourd of honey. She did not call to Ogun. Instead she found a clearing and began to dance.

I am a southern girl with an urban scent so people often don’t know what my deal is. My deal is I am an old egg and I gave birth to two old souls. I am the first born who came third in a line of four girls of older parents who are now ancestors-Ibaiye. I am the mother of two beautiful Black Boys, one 21 and one 5 and they rock my world with their fierce loving grace and presence. I am the 15th of 16 granddaughters who outnumber the men in our family and we still love and respect Black men tremendously. I am the sister-friend to my Afrikan,white,boricua, native, and southeast asian sisters here in the south, up north and out west.

I am a child of the Orisa Osun (Ore Ye Ye OOOO!) who gives me my culture, sensuality, feminine mystique and a life of loving abundance. I am a survivor of bad credit, low self-esteem, and poor decision-making (as evidenced by my 80’s wardrobe and hairstyle choices). I am Wilhelmina, Billie, Billie Girl, Billie-Jo-Jim-Bob, Iya Ifasina, Omisade and Omi. I am hard-headed and I do talk back. So what does all that mean?

The sum total of who I am has a tremendous impact on how I view the world: my sense of justice, community, and integrity. The common thread throughout my life is my ability to be a storyteller—-to coach, mentor, support, cajole, and to tell it like it is. Ultimately, I work to help people unveil what is already there. I am a spiritual midwife, a magician, a teacher, and a perpetual student. My spiritual practice tells me that our ancestors and the Orisa work in concert to help us align with our heavenly destinies. By work, I mean, they can open doors for you and help you manifest your destiny. They can block energy that is negative and harmful. They can also engage in a paradoxical parental dance of bring to bear experiences that help build Iwa Pwele or “good character”. These incidents tend to center around making choices and learning about grace, forgiveness, and action. To be of good character in your deed and word is the ultimate compliment to your spirit guides and your ancestors—it is a huge portion of the journey to fulfill your destiny in this lifetime. Howard Thurman says that “there is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself and if you cannot hear it, you will all of life be on the ends of strings that someone else pulls. I am seeking that genuineness….waiting, listening and doing. This is why I do what I do. Ase, Ase, Ase!


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